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Blogger Games

Name:Blogger Games
Platform:Blogger / Blogspot
Coder/Designer URL:
Description:The Game Blogger Template using the automatic summaries,
which shows the home page summaries of posts by category, also appear in each category the latest posts published. Under Formatting, appear determined to a multiple of 3 on the homepage. Summaries appear below by category of the latest published posts (Last Games). With 2 column, multi column post, 3 column footer, automatic image slideshow, banner ads ready, and more.
Theme Features:Social and LinkBar:
Social is the horizontal menu on the left with links to Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.
LinkBar: the menu on the right. Simply create a list of links and drag to the top of the page elements.

Horizontal menu under the heading, as we LinkBar, is created from a list of links in Page Elements.

10 widgets a series of still images below the menu.

The posts have been adapted to display games and descriptions with thumbnail images of the same.

Post Footer:
Besides the usual information (posted by, markers, reactions, etc.), the post-footer has links AddThis sharing and related posts-shaped slide.

For those who intend to use the version with the slide in the sidebar, you'll know that it is automatic, ie, no need to edit anything, it shows the latest posts automatically. This slide is so cool that you can choose to display publications that are not in the home. That is, if you show publications in Last 9 Games, they will not want to 9 appear in the slide too, so you determine the script it shows the posts previous to these publications 9.

The file contains 10 images from different backgrounds (in fact only changed the color of the header). Host pictures in a post, copy the url of your chosen image and place in body.

Adsense ready.

Changing icons, favicon, logo, link play!: The file contains images pointing to the exact locations where changes should be made.
All fonts and colors can be changed by the Blogger dashboard, click Template and Customize.

Tested in the latest versions of browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
Instructions:Template Settings
Compatible:Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet Explorer
Tags:1 Sidebar, 2 Column, 4 Column, 3 column footer, Ads Ready, adsense ready, Blogger, Blue, Featured Section, Fixed Width, Gallery, Games, Left Sidebar, Magazine, Related Posts, Slider, Social Bookmark, Twitter Ready, White, Widget Ready

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