Black Ads Ready Blogger Template

Name:Black Ads Ready
Platform:Blogger / Blogspot
Black Ads Ready is a free Blogger templates. This is the magazine template. Designed 3 columns, clean and dark, Ads ready, simple and clean blogger template to optimize ads placement. The clean dark background ease you to adjust Adsense color and camouflage it with post text. Considered 4 placements of ads, for illustration you can check the demo blog. Right header you can put the largest horizontal size Adsense 728x90, Inside post you can put 300x300 or another rectangle large size. Left sidebar you can put vertical adsense size, Right sidebar you can put 250x250 ads size.
Template Author:Ipietoon, BieTemplates
Designer URL,
Header Title Setting
You can change header text to image, Click edit, on header left gadget, Upload your own image, Choose "instead of text", Save.

Navigation Menu
This navigation menu using Label gadget. Edit Label gadget, leave title empty and remove tick mark on Show number of posts per label. Navigation menu filled by post label/category automatically . You can customize which label that shown up.
You also can use LinkList gadget instead of Label Gadget, so you can put your own link.

How to?
Open Page Element, Delete Label gadget on navigation menu layout, Add LinkList gadget (you can use Add a Gadget from sidebar) drag new LinkList gadget to Navigation Menu Layout. Drag it under date, Save.

Share Gadget
Click on Share gadget, copy paste these code:

<div class="sexy-bookmarks">
<ul class="socials">
<li class="sexy-delicious"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>
<li class="sexy-digg"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>
<li class="sexy-facebook"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>
<li class="sexy-twitter"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>
<li class="sexy-syndicate"><a href="" title="Subscribe to RSS"/></a></li>
<span class="sexy-rightside"/></span></div>
Dont forget to change your URL
Compatible:Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Opera Internet Explorer
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